Enjoy the Moments – Tomorrow is Not Guaranteed

Enjoy the Moments – Tomorrow is Not Guaranteed

I grew up with approximately 170 students in my graduating class.  Our community was a small town and everyone seemed to know everyone.  I was class president and I truly cared about my classmates, it felt like a family.  As life happens, after graduation, people go their separate ways. Some of us see each other and many of us still stay connected on facebook, and we realize that time is passing by way too quickly. 

One of my high school friends posted on facebook a few weeks ago that he lost his son in a senseless act of violence.  My heart was broken. I saw the news segment about a 21 year old man that was killed in a shooting while working, but I did not connect that it was my friend’s son until I saw the post. In times of tragedy, it is difficult to know exactly what to do or say to others.  Unless you have experienced a similar tragedy (which I pray you have not) you cannot truly imagine the heartache that my friend, his wife, and their other son feel. We cannot imagine the grief they are going through. We cannot imagine how each holiday and family celebration will feel without their son. You never really know how long you have with friends and family.  Enjoy your time and special moments. Bryce’s mom, LeAnne, wrote this #LiveLikeBryce tribute and I wanted to share it with all of you. 

From LeAnne DeGood – As many of you already know, I buried my youngest son as a result of a senseless act of violence. I want something good to come from this EVIL so ask you all to try and live just a little the Bryce DeGood Way:

Be the Scotch Tape

Bryce loved to play with scotch tape and seemed to bring groups of people together in good times and in bad.

No Judgement Zone

Don’t judge people and love everyone. Bryce accepted everyone for who they were and loved them with his whole heart.

Have Fun

Bryce was always looking to have a good time and knew how to make people laugh.

Be the Support Player Sometimes

Bryce said he felt he was meant to always play the support role and that was the reason he chose to play the Bass Guitar and defense in lacrosse.

Break the Rules Sometimes

Bryce had an under the radar way of breaking the rules without getting caught.

Always be Learning

Whether Bryce read something, watched something on TV or was listening to a podcast, he had a way of absorbing knowledge from what he read or heard.

Have Confidence

Bryce was smarter than the teacher and the only normal one in the family.

Listen to Your Favorite Music Loud and Proud

Bryce loved to listen to punk and rap music with lots of bass and the volume up.

Live Each Day Like It is Your Last

A friend shared that Bryce told him that he wore the lock and chain necklace each day as a reminder that he was on borrowed time and to live life like each day was his last.

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I am sending all my thoughts and prayers to this family. I hope that the positive message his mom is sharing resonates with many people.
Cherish every moment of every day.

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  1. I love the necklace with lock and key, representing borrowed time motif. It’s crazy how a kid who seemed to understand this concept had it taken from him. It’s a sucker punch!
    I also love punk and rap music; I like playing it loud enough that you could feel it, but not so loud that it hurts my ears or infringes on other peoples comfort level. Hearing music is one thing. Listening to it is the next step, but feeling the rhythm, having the melody left your soul, or in some cases empathize with your melancholy, that’s a whole Nother dimension. The memory of Bryce has now entered that dimension. His story has touched my soul. The few facts of Bryce’s life are the verses and the chorus of this blog’s song. It’s a beautiful song, and it’s sad that the bird who sang it is no longer with us.

    1. Thanks for sharing Matt.

  2. I appreciate this piece. Thank you for sharing

  3. Life is a gift. Everyday, there are miracles all around us, if we choose to look for them. The sunrise and sunset, all nature, our families, our calling and vocation to teach children, our faith, our homes, our communities, our friends and colleagues, the list goes on. Go forth in joy, savor each moment, even the ones that may be difficult or cause pain. They will help us become stronger. Begin each day with thankfulness for a new beginning, and end each day with happiness and complete satisfaction knowing that you have done your best. Rest well and wait for the new sunrise…another day to count your blessings.

  4. Hi Matt,. I am Bryce’s dad and we also loved the lock and chain (though not so much a couple of years ago). Unfortunately we didn’t find this out til after he was gone. While planning the funeral, the funeral director asked if the lock and chain stayed on him or if we wanted it removed. My wife and I looked at each other and immediately gave h a yes it stays. As we were telling the story to his friends as they visited us at our house that is when one of his friends shared the true meaning of the lock and chain. I hope more people can #LiveLikeBryce.

    1. Dean,

      First of all, I am so sorry for your loss. I can’t even imagine. Bile rises in my throat, as I’m typing this text. Secondly, thank you for sharing your story of the lock/chain. Your decision to have the time piece stay with your son got me to thinking.

      In grief, I imagine it would be easy for time to get stuck. If my daughter died, my world would stop spinning. What you and your wife are doing, sharing your son’s memory, his life, his loves, giving his existence more life is so positive. You are powering the spin of your world and others! Even the hashtag, “Live” -like-Bryce, focuses on living, progress, growth… I am astonished by your positivity. You are heroic.

      Now, not only has the story of Bryce and his mother’s memories moved me, but your comment has inspired a renewed interest in making each moment worth living. I am going to help you pass on this message. Good luck with everything. I am sure that it will be hard. Hopefully the knowledge that you and your son have helped a teacher increase a passion for seizing the day will help.

      1. Matt,
        Thank you for sharing your thoughts and spreading the message of #LiveLikeBryce. Love and prayers to the DeGood family!

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