Good Advice For Now and Always!

Good Advice For Now and Always!

I see a lot of information on facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, basically all over the place! I am going to post some information that has been “liked” numerous times, I won’t be able to capture everything, but the information posted is good for us now and always as we continue our journey educating children. Thank you to all the staff, teachers, and administrators that are working so hard and are often underappreciated. We value you. We hear you. We see what you are doing. We are grateful! ❤️

Please read the posts below and think about how you could add more light in someone’s world! Thank you!

Let our smiles be more infectious than Corona 😊 Shared by Kelli Rork, a parent who works at Georgetown Animal Hospital.

My wife who is a teacher said today, “I’m learning along with my students and their parents that they appreciate it when I send fewer links and resources and be as specific as I can about how to use a small number of high quality pieces.” Sometimes less is more. ~Shared by Kyle Mayer, his wife is a teacher at Grand Haven Public Schools

Please stop comparing you/your school/your district to others. YOU and coworkers are doing the best you can do! What works for a district of 900 doesn’t work for a district of 20,000 and vice versa. Focus on what you can do. Focus on what is good for your kids. Connect! Support ~Posted by Dorothy VanderJagt, founder of iFireUP, LLC. 🔥


This pandemic has made it glaringly obvious that we have a critical inequity crisis in our schools. I hope when this is over we start to address the other pandemic we are facing with schools and children lacking resources that should be rightfully theirs. ~Posted in response to the above tweet by Maire from NJ 🏫

There have always been children around the world who have not had the opportunity to go to school because of poverty, war, or discrimination. This morning I am remembering them. I hope we never take education for granted. ~Posted by Danny Steele 🌎

This crisis is further separating the true leaders from the managers. If there ever was a time to invest in the well-being of those we serve, the time is now. Administrators, if you’re only communicating the nuts and bolts right now, you’re not leading. ~Posted by Amy Fast

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