What Lies Ahead? ~ Things Don’t Always Go Your Way!

What Lies Ahead? ~ Things Don’t Always Go Your Way!

It was ten years ago and I remember it like it was yesterday. I was fortunate enough to be attending a conference in Orlando, Florida during February and if you live in the midwest, you know that Florida in February is a real treat! Another bonus for me was the Board Meeting was during the conference, so I was in Florida when the other administrators would be in the meeting. Hey, I appreciate meetings, but it is nice to get a “pass” once every few years. Well, low and behold, the weather ❄️ put a damper on the meeting and never in my history was a board meeting changed, but lucky me, it was moved (not cancelled) until the following Monday night. Well, that meant I would arrive home Sunday and have a meeting Monday night and I did not have any coverage for my four year old since my husband had a meeting on Monday night as well. My mother-in-law lived close and my father-in-law had passed nine months earlier, so I was hoping she could help me out by watching my son. 

Well, sure enough, she was able to cover for me. I remember not wanting to go to that meeting, I wanted to be home with my son, but onward we go and I dropped him off at her house. He spent a few hours with Grandma having popcorn🍿, watching tv 📺, and playing games🎲. I picked him up, I was tired from travel, work, and the meeting and I needed to get a four year old to bed, so I scooted out of there pretty quickly. But, I remember walking up from the basement where they were and looking at the fire in the fireplace, talking to both of them up the stairs, standing by the door. I remember it vividly.

The next morning at work, my husband called me and said, “Mom’s in the hospital, she fell, there is bleeding on the brain and it’s not good.” I thought, what are you talking about, you are not making any sense!  She was mailing her Christmas cards and walked out to the mailbox in the morning, slipped and fell, hit her head and ended up in the hospital, she died two days later, she was seventy-two. My son and I were the last people to see her, the last ones to spend time with her. I often kick myself for being in such a rush that evening. I also look back and realize that even though I wasn’t thrilled the board meeting was changed to Monday night, it was in the end a blessing. 

There are so many times we think, oh great this is not what I wanted, but we don’t always see the big picture! I have friends that didn’t get the job they thought they wanted, only to end up in a better job! I’ve watched students not get the college of their choice only to thrive in their new school. I had a friend that was not thrilled his parents moved from California to Michigan his senior year, yes that is a tough move, but he met his wife and has two amazing daughters and he now appreciates the move. So, don’t be discouraged when things don’t seemingly go your way, you never know what the reason is or what is waiting for you out there!

Smile. 😃 Be Kind. 💕 Grateful for Today! ✨

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  1. I was just reading several versions of the Pandora’s box myth with my 3rd grade class, recently, and was struck by the powerful ending. We were comparing and contrasting different versions of the story, so we read it over and over. It’s typical to remember the beginning of the myth; The box unleashes all kinds of negative things and evil into the world. But, how many of us remember that there is a small, faint whisper coming from the box later in the story? Pandora opens the box a second time, and that is when one more thing exits: Hope. The tiniest of ideas is enough to combat all of the grief, jealousy, deceit, lying, depression, etc. Thank you for sharing your deeply personal story, Dorothy. Remembering that fireplace burning on that fateful Monday night is your positive window into having one last moment with your mom. Hopefully this brings warmth to your heart.

    1. Thanks Matt. What a great reminder about Pandora’s box! There is hope! So very true.

  2. This is a very good reminder. Thank you!

    1. Thanks Shanna! See you at MEMSPA!

  3. Dorothy,
    Boy did this story hit home in a few ways.
    1st, when I was 15, my cousin and I went to the South Haven art fair in the summer. We wanted to go back to my Mom’s friend’s house who we went with because it got blazing hot. The shuttle dropped us off near Claudia’s house. I KNEW how to get there but I screwed it up *somehow* and got frustrated and thirsty. I looked up and there was Gramma and Grampa Overheul’s house. I told my cousin, ” let’s go in and cool off and have some water and ask her where we turned wrong to Claudia’s.” We played a few card games which Gramma loved. I gave her a hug. My Dad came in my bedroom the next morning and said I was so lucky to see Gramma because she had passed in the night from congestive heart failure. I knew right then why I lost my way…so I could see Eileen Overheul and play a few more hands of cards with her. I was her youngest grandchild. My Dad hadn’t seen her in months because he and his Dad were going through a hardship in their relationship. I think it helped my Dad that I saw her that day too.

    2nd, my husband’s best friend died in his 20s of a closed head injury from a fall in a parking lot when the guys were all out having fun. Dave passed 3 or 4 days later. So, I feel for you on losing Doug’s and your Mum that way. We will never forget the days long process , the initial hoping and praying followed by realization that there was just too much trauma. It hurt to the core. An emotional roller coaster.

    It’s true, if someone says, “we should meet for lunch.” and you say , “yes let’s do it soon.” Catch that friend and get those calendars out to seal it into an actual plan with a date and time. We owe our special relationships an actual commitment, not just the thought of a commitment. I read this in ” A Gentleman In Moscow.” And have since treated two ,”let’s get togethers ” by getting it on the calendar so it was put into action. We never know do we? That final Earthly meeting that is so dear. Thank you for the reminder. We all need them <3

    1. Wow Holly, thanks for sharing! Amazing. You did get “lost” for a reason, fortunate for you and your dad. So special! You husband’s best friend was so young, what a tragic way to go. I am so sorry that happened. Each day is special and we need to not get so wrapped up in the little things! Glad you enjoyed the Lion King this weekend, we did do….memories!

  4. Great reminder and well written blog, Dorothy!

    1. Thanks Tracy!

  5. Dorothy! This is simply packed with great reminders about living and gratitude! Thanks for sharing this story it hits home for me in many ways…appreciate the small moments because we never know when they may have been the big ones!! Take care! -Anthony

    1. Thanks Anthony. You are so right…”appreciate the small moments because we never know then they may have been the big ones!” Great quote!

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