It’s Okay to Spiral Down, Then Come Back Up!

It’s Okay to Spiral Down, Then Come Back Up!

I was doing it, I was letting my thoughts go into a downward spiral during COVID19. In the words of our teenagers, “Coronacation” sucks!

People were getting sick and some were dying.

I felt like a prisoner in my own home.

I felt isolated and felt bad our 15 year old was isolated.

My face to face education conferences will not happen.

My home office was feeling smaller with the family here.

I was not getting out or going anywhere.

I was sick of the same food.

I wanted a haircut and pedicure.

Kids are not getting the same instruction remotely.

I can’t go into schools. What will schools look like in the fall?

I was worrying about toilet paper, antibacterial soap, and hand sanitizer.

I missed seeing my friends face to face.

Last night I was the chauffeur for a bunch of kids headed to the beach to watch the sunset. The students are fifteen, so I dropped them off and gave them the freedom to meet up with their group of friends. I waited in the area over three hours to take the kids home. There was not  much to do, because now is not the time to parade around stores and restaurants. So, I walked for a while, but it was 88 degrees. I had my laptop, so I was able to accomplish some things I wanted to do electronically. As I was waiting for the kids, I started to shift my thinking and was very content that I brought the kids. I wanted them to have some socialization and normalcy. I needed them to be together and do what teenagers do. As I was alone, I started to reflect upon all the good that has happened during the stay safe order.

I finished a book and had it published with Times 10 Publications, Permission to Pause: A Journal for Teachers (July, 2020). Numerous districts have inquired about bulk orders to use with their new teachers and teachers. I am beyond excited that this intentional journal will help so many teachers. Our profession is dwindling in numbers and we must preserve our teachers.

I presented virtually for the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development (ASCD).

I have been able to help others ~ educators, friends, and family. 

I cherish time with people who care about me.

I am “pausing” and intentionally noticing nature and things that are important in my life.

I walk endlessly!

I am connecting with more people on zoom and brainstorming ideas.

I am visiting my parents more.

Yes, there are things that are frustrating in the past, present, and I am sure in the future. But, my goal is to “shift” my thinking, pause, express gratitude, and be more reflective.

What are you doing to stay grateful in this uncertain time?

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