Life Can Be Unfair – Stay the Course

Life Can Be Unfair – Stay the Course

You may not control all the events that happen to you, but you can decide not to be reduced by them. ~Maya Angelou

I was fortunate to serve as an elementary principal in my son’s school. During his kindergarten year, he was brought to my office crying. He was hurt on the playground.  He was going down the slide and someone was going up the slide and they crashed. Through his tears he said, “Why don’t they just follow the rules.” My heart ached for a moment, I had taught him to be kind, follow the rules, don’t shove, don’t push, listen to your teachers, etc. and now he was realizing, life is not fair. Sometimes I wonder if I have taught this kid to be too kind, but then I wake up from that thought and know I need to stay the course.

My nephew had a disability and passed away young, this may be why he has a heart for the kids that others tend to avoid, whether due to a disability or low on the social hierarchy ladder at school. I need to continue to nourish this trait in him.

There are people that are not kind in the world, people that worry more about popularity than serving others. Life is not about a perfect image, being rich, being popular, or being highly educated. It is about being a good person, being kind, being humble and authentic.

When I was younger I worried too much what others thought, especially supervisors.  My principal was frustrated that a teacher was pregnant that he hired and he said, “Don’t get married and get pregnant on me”. Now, I absolutely enjoyed working for him, but I did take that comment to heart and thought, “I would disappoint him if I got married.” Your words matter to people, especially young people, they are so moldable.

There are unkind people in this world and there are people will harm others, with words or physically, we can’t just gloss over that and act like the world is one big happy family.  Life can be unfair. However, you get to decide the person you want to be, and I chose kindness and optimism.

I am sure many of you can add to this list, but remember to…

Help others

Protect the environment

Reject racism

Embrace diversity

Forgive often

Enjoy life

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  1. Thanks Dorothy for the reminders. And no, you didn’t raise your son to be too nice – he’s just right!

    1. Thanks Jan! I hope you are enjoying every day!

  2. I enjoyed reading your article. We also raised our four children to be kind and compassionate to everyone. Today, as parents, they are raising our nine grandchildren in the same way, and we are delighted.

    1. It sounds like you have a wonderful family!

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