Problem of the Day! During the Shut Down.

Problem of the Day! During the Shut Down.

Problem of the Day!

When I was a sixth teacher I offered a variety of extra things for kids to do in my room to make it more engaging for students. There was an estimation jar, brain games, activity boards, and a problem of the week to name a few. Students enjoyed all the extra activities that were of interest to them. 🔥 I always started the day with a “thinker” as well. In fact, one of my former students who now teaches in Washington DC uses the “thinker” each morning. I was elated when she told me she used the idea in her room that I modeled in my room. I also used “Run Around” an awesome game with teams of students that my teacher, Mr. Haase, used with me as a student. It is awesome to pass on good things for kids!

Since my former students and their students are in their homes and not at school for a while, let’s all think of ways to share ideas and engage students! I am going to post a “Problem of the day”!  ✨

Each day by 10am – we will post a “Problem of the Day”! You can respond with your answer on the Google Form. We will share the answer around 2pm each day – it will be posted on Twitter, fb, and on the Google Form. 🙂 I am not just posting the question on Twitter and fb because everyone will see the answers below the post and then, it ruins the fun! 🔥✨ CLICK to view.

Follow us on Twitter @ifireup or fb for the problems and solutions!

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