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Dorothy sessions are filled with energy and practical information. Dorothy is a dynamic speaker who captivates the audience and shares real experiences that are moving and motivating. She presents throughout the country and has been invited to speak internationally. Dorothy’s extensive classroom background enables her to share her experiences on a teacher-to-teacher level in a meaningful, practical, and encouraging manner. Participants are always excited about the ideas and strategies they can implement immediately.

Own Your Professional Learning

Embedded professional learning is critical to sustain student learning and success. This book will highlight ways to embed learning, focus on important goals and demonstrate how to create a culture of learning. Just like a well-planned lesson plan takes time to construct, so does professional growth for staff that results in deeper learning.  Teachers and administrators must have skin in the game to sustain continual learning.  

RAISE Your Level of Leadership

Success as a leader is often focused on relationships with students, staff, parents, and the community. It is important to be transparent and include others in the workings of your school/district.

Areas covered will be: Relationships, Assessments, how to Inspire, Shared Leadership, and how to Elevate your own practice.  It is essential to foster your own growth, so in turn, you can support the growth of your students and staff.

Ideas will be sprinkled throughout the session to assist any leaders, such as collaborative agendas with staff, positive communication to parents and students, and organizational techniques.  Many times school principals feel caught in the middle between staff and central office, this session will help navigate the waters with success.

Teaching is More Than a Test Score

In this data driven culture, there is so much emphasis on student test scores. To flourish, students need strong relationship with peers and staff. Many students speak multiple languages, come from poverty, and have interests that need to be recognized.  We remember the teachers that are kind, caring, and show interest. We cringe at the thought of the teachers we viewed as mean, boring, or uninterested. This session will dive deep into discovering students’ interests and needs along with promoting a growth mindset.

Creating a Strong You - A MAP to self-care!

 This engaging session will have you learning, growing, and laughing!  Educators givers, therefore we are often giving and not tending to our own needs. Discover the Principal’s MAP to self-care and elevating yourself! Mentally FIT – this includes self care and caring for others. Academically FIT – continuing to learn and grow with your PLN is good for the mind and soul!  Physically FIT – it is important to keep moving!  “FIT” is an area that you can MAP out for the year easily with a few simple steps. This session is for all fit levels – beginners, intermediate and advanced! All are welcome to the Principal’s MAP to overall wellness. It does not matter where you are on the journey, as long as you are moving forward!


Shake, Rattle, and Roll
Energizers and Team Building Activities

Energizers are a sure way to create active engagement in the classroom or staff meeting!  Team building activities create energy and an environment of fun. Incorporating these activities also helps build trust, encourages communication, defuses potential conflict, and helps members collaborate. This book takes the reader through a series of energizers and team building activities that can be used to encourage engagement and collaboration.  The focus of the book will be to help create engaged minds and engaged learners.

This is Us

Dorothy celebrates teachers and administrators through the use of humor. Building strong relationships with students, staff, and parent is critical in education. Dorothy shares stories, examples, and ideas for building on the relationships you have and creating a solid foundation. Ideas for staff collaboration and “all hands on deck” when planning for student success will be shared.


“I just wanted to say thank you for all that you do. You don’t realize the personal connections you make among all of the people who join this journey. It starts out required professional development but turns into personal experiences shared among the educators. You truly ignite and motivate us. Thank you for another journey! Your energy and enthusiasm gives us hope and determination to try to be the best educators and people. Thank you for all of your goodness and hard work!”

Monica Logan

“This was the most interesting, productive, practical and fun conference, with life-changing results! Thank you!”

Lisa Henige, North Elementary School

“This is by far the best education professional development I have ever attended. I am fired up!”

– Pam Metdepenningen, Jefferson School District

“Dorothy is a treasure!  She gives encouragement, next steps to take, ideas, and provides connections so you can grow!”

– Dr. Barb Johnson, District Administrator for Academic Programs

“Dorothy and ‘I Fire Up’ have sparked my game! I can’t begin to thank Dorothy enough for her encouragement, advice, and expert guidance. She has been an asset and mentor in boosting my second career in education as a national presenter and consultant on blended learning.  Her course on educational consulting was invaluable to me. I highly recommend it. She has assisted me in website creation, networking, branding, and more.  Thank you Dorothy!

– Joanna Van Raden, award winning educator

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