To My Teachers From Your Administrator

To My Teachers From Your Administrator

Date: May, 2019

Dear Teachers,

I want you to know that you are the lifeline of this school.  You care. You cry. You strive for success for all students. I see that you are worried about doing all that needs to be done before the end of the school year. I can feel the doubt creeping into your mind about the school year, don’t let it.

You are a nurse, a counselor, a parent figure, a negotiator, a caregiver, a caring person, a teacher! You are balancing the demands from my office, the state assessments, the district assessments, other staff, parents, the student situations, your own life, and the school calendar. I see you run to the doughnut shop in the morning for a special celebration in your classroom, encourage other staff members daily, design activities that are engaging, celebrate your students birthdays, spend your own money for supplies, worry about covering the standards, coordinate a collection of clothing for a family in need, and cry over the trauma some of our students experience.

You tense up during your evaluation, and to be honest, many times I watch in awe at how masterfully you run your classroom.  You are the backbone of this school, you are my team, you bring us to where we need to be, and you are in the trenches with our precious students that we care so much about each day.

I cannot express enough how much an excellent teacher means to a school, I work tirelessly to hire candidates just like you, parents request you, and other teachers admire you.  We all want our children to have you as a teacher. I have witnessed the teachers that think they are not doing enough or constantly want more ideas to improve….are the ones that should be sharing their expertise with others.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for making this school a great place to learn!

Most Sincerely,

Your Administrator

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  1. Being the parent of a 15, 13, and an 8 year old child, I learned a lot of lessons on how to assist with molding the minds of youth. Lessons that allow children to reach their fullest potential and master the craft that is intended for him/her. After decades of career hopping, I landed in education teaching middle school math and became a black butterfly that exceeded the expectation of my campus and the district each year. After experiencing unjust situations on my campus from leadership and a few district representatives, I was forced to resign from my position.

    All of that to say, your article is inspiring and solidified my opinion of, “All Stakeholders are the most valuable piece to the puzzle called education!” The vertical alignment that the educational institutes use is an excellent accountability tactic but no tier is greater than the next because all parties benefit the Overall Goal of educating the students. Primarily the teachers who directly impact the students daily, and when a teacher is under valued it impacts the FUTURE!

    And all of that to say, I am inspired to continue to strive to open my educational institute in the urban communities of Houston, Texas. My passion lies on education, but after my experiences I would prefer to set the example and not be the example!

    Thank you for this!

    1. Iris,
      I hope you find an environment where you feel you belong and can thrive in education!

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